Humans of Feel Festival 2014

feel festival 2014
Max, Cologne
“I actually work in Hamburg for ChariTea, so I’m here to sell our drinks. We’ve been here since Wednesday? Thursday? I’ve seen a guy over there, just standing there like 20 minutes with his dick out of his boxers, chilling, celebrating himself. So many people are naked here, feeling like they’re the only people at the festival. That’s the thing with electronic music, it’s always a holiday—people are like, it doesn’t matter what I do, no one will know… or remember, probably.”


feel festival 2014
Karina and Susanna, Berlin
“This is the first time we’ve come to Feel! We’ve just been wandering around; the atmosphere is really great—the people, the mixture of beach and forest and music… summer vibes.”


feel festival 2014
Tom, Berlin
“I’m from Berlin, born and raised. I was born in the GDR, and now I live between Kaisers and Berghain. I only wanted to go to Feel this year; I don’t go to the big festivals any more—too many people, too crowded. Last night was a crazy night. Good music, lots of getting lost. You never know where you are.”


Johannes, Berlin
—We saw you try crowdsurfing earlier, with just two friends to hold you up? — “Ha yeah, cool right? I only knew one [Herrenmagazin] song before, but it’s a really good one. I was here last year too; it’s way fuller this time—but that just means more parties I guess. More people, more fun.”


Hendrik, Münster, Messer
“I usually prefer club shows, but I really enjoyed today. I could wear my sunglasses on stage, see people in the crowd, no smoke or lights or whatever. Fresh air! You see the people, you feel the people, you have the impression that something’s going on, there’s a connection. I really like it here, I like nature. When I was very young I was a scout for a while. Our producer said once, that Messer have a strange connection to nature—we’re from an urban setting but our music has something very organic. I like that.”


feel festival 2014
Deniz, Hamburg, Herrenmagazin
“I’m from Hamburg and I play guitar and I sing in the band Herrenmagazin. This summer we’re not playing many festivals because we’re recording a new album; I don’t know why Feel was the lucky festival, it just felt right. It’s got a really nice vibe, nice people, good food… We just came today, but we’re going to party today. We want to absorb it all.”


Interview: Katie
Photos: Natalye

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