NatalyeNatalye started Berlin Beat in 2011. She has a BA in journalism and music and an MA in English. When she’s not interviewing bands or going to shows, Natalye works as a copy editor and copywriter. Her first book, The Aftermath of Forever: How I Loved and Lost and Found Myself, was released by Microcosm Publishing in summer 2014.

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Lauren is a freelance music journalist. She finds inspiration in blown speakers, venues with palpable energy, and disarrayed collections of ticket stubs. She doesn’t just experience music from one side of the stage; she is a songwriter, guitarist, and cellist. When not at shows or writing, her free time is spent with her cat, Samo.

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Katie is a music-loving pen to hire who’s had her enthusiasm for angsty rock’n’roll hijacked by Berlin’s electronic offerings. She studied Literature, makes an unwieldy amount of playlists, and loves a good semicolon.

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Chloe Mayne is a writer from Tasmania, Australia. She holds a BA in Philosophy and Literature. When her fondness for poetry intertangles with her excessive passion for music, she becomes a music writer. She enjoys people-watching on public transport, the hum of photocopiers, and reading books about watermelon sugar.

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