Show Review: Teitur at Privatclub 26/10/13

TeiturPrivatclub provides the perfect intimate setting for the music of Teitur, and after the sets of his two support acts, Teitur came to the stage with his band of merry men. His records are a mix of fragile and sublime pop, and when performing live, there are moments when Teitur’s voice is like a pin bursting the silence.

There is indeed something comforting and akin to a lullaby about these songs. Taking in his set, It’s hard not to think that some of his songs would be well-placed as the soundtrack for emotional scenes in films, and hard not to contemplate how he isn’t a little more widely known.

The opening track, “Hopeful,” taken from his this year’s full-length, “Story Music,” was a delicate first statement, but when the third track picked up the tempo and introduced louder drums, it was a welcome change. This was followed up by “If You Wait,” a song that teased and held back, somewhat frustratingly, before it exploded into bloom, making those in the room almost feel guilty for such impatience.

Additionally, Teitur had some wonderful tricks up his sleeve; in fact, his cheeky sense of humor pervaded this set and the on-stage banter between songs. It continued as he launched into “Antonio and His Mobile Phones,” a tale about how there is always somebody somewhere selling phones and accessories. Next came “Josephine,” which felt a little like an old unknown classic, as Teitur sang out the notes, his voice soaked with feeling.

Then it was time for “It’s Not Funny Anymore,” and as the band played it only became more apparent how the instrumentation in the evening’s songs was used sparingly to draw out the lovely voice on stage. The Caribbean-flavored version of “Catherine the Waitress” came later, presenting a slowed down, groovier, wild, and impressive take on the song. And though it seemed strange at first in comparison to the song’s sped-up and dancier format that most fans are familiar with, it sufficiently demonstrated how restless and challenging Teitur is, with a keen ear toward pushing boundaries in his performance.

By the end of “Rock And Roll Band,”’ it was nice to hear that the guys on stage could also cut loose and let go, providing a magical counter to what preceded it. Then, as it often custom with backing bands, the members left the stage and Teitur finished off the evening solo with a couple of quiet and incredibly personal takes of two more tunes. At the end of the set, he confirmed what many already knew: that he is a thoughtful and intelligent musician. And as his opening track suggested, fans of Teitur should all be “hopeful” that he continues to make music for a long time to come.

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