Interview: Camryn

Camryn - Photo courtesy of

Camryn – Photo courtesy of Camryn

It was just a few years ago that Camryn Magness was living a relatively normal life in her hometown of Denver. Fast-forward to today and the 13-year-old singer is living in Los Angeles and pursuing her dreams of being a singer under the first-name-only moniker of Camryn.

What’s more, and what few pop stars can boast, is that Camryn is on the road as the opening act for English-Irish power pop boy band One Direction – and for not the first time.

Of course, the first time the two made the rounds, Camryn’s name was not as well-known. But now that she’s begun to establish herself with One Direction fans, it’s fair to say that many of those in attendance on the Take Me Home Tour are there to see her too – if not exclusively.

“I think that just because I’ve created such a buzz with being on the road with them that people…have started to notice,” she said.

Now, Camryn shared that it’s not uncommon for people in the crowd to sing along with the songs, a sure sign that she’s gaining ground in the pop music world.

Along the way, she’s also picked up some tips and made a few observations. For one, she said there tends to be a difference between the way audiences act in the UK versus in the US.

“I have noticed a huge difference and I think it’s just because One Direction is based [in the UK],” she said, noting that people there seem to have a laid-back approach, considering the One Direction guys to be “their boys.”

Yet when they tour North America, Camryn said fans can get a bit more crazy because of the novelty of a foreign band coming out. But even so, she said that she has also been surprised.

“[My perception is] constantly being tested,” Camryn added.

For her live show, Camryn current performs seven songs, two of which are covers, including Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger and a Rhianna and Chris Brown medley. The covers are used to help catch the interest of potential fans, who are often more open to listening to Camryn’s music if they hear a cover song they know.

As for the originals, Camryn actually co-writes her own music, having done so since her first single, 2009’s Wait and See. Meanwhile, her most recent single, Now or Never, came out in summer of 2012. And where an album is concerned, there is no plan thus far, although it’s not out of the question.

“I have enough songs for an album but my sound is constantly changing,” Camryn said, hinting that until she has a more definitive idea of what her sound is developing into, an album is on the back burner. Instead, she explained that the current focus is on building a fanbase via singles.

Another way she does this is also through offering free tickets and doing a meet-and-greet with people.

“I think it’s really important to meet with the fans and just kind of show yourself, and hang out and have fun,” she said. “Giving away tickets is something that I do quite frequently. When we have tickets I usually try and go outside and give [them] to a fan or things like that.”

In addition, Camryn also thinks that giving back in general is a worthwhile cause, something she has been doing since she was a small child.

“It was my mom’s idea, and I was so little when I first started that I could barely rmeember what I was thinking at the time,” she said. “We went and we served and I passed out blankets and things like that, and it was a lot of fun. And I just remember enjoying myself and just seeing the smiles on peoples’ faces..and after that we just kind of continued.”

So naturally, that extends to her life now, which admittedly gives her opportunities to make an even bigger difference.

“I want to try and make some time, whether that means raising money for charity or going out and serving a few meals [or] giving away tickets to those who can’t have them,” she said of her desire to continue aiding others. “It’s small things like that that really help.”

But it’s not all fun and games, and even at a young age, Camryn has learned a lot about taking care of herself, whether that means getting enough sleep or spending free time on the road doing schoolwork.

Additionally, she shared that the hours can be difficult. Overall, however, what she’s been through thus far has only helped her grow as a performer while allowing her to keep doing what she loves.

“The main goal is to just have fun on stage, and when you have fun on stage, and people can see that, then they’re gonna have fun,” she said. “So it’s all about just doing what you love, and most importantly, just being you.”

Camryn plays tonight at O2 World in Berlin. The show begins at 19.30.

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