Interview: The Feeling of Love

The Feeling of Love - Photo courtesy of The Feeling of Love

The Feeling of Love - Photo courtesy of The Feeling of Love

For anyone who has ever wondered what The Feeling of Love sounds like, Guillaume Marietta has an answer: kraut space garage.

Hailing from Metz, France, the band – conventional in name and unconventional in sound – began five years ago as a solo project. But somewhere along the way Marietta’s one-man-band picked up another two members, equating The Feeling of Love as something more akin to a threesome.

“Finding the right balance is my endless challenge,” Marietta said, elaborating on why the lineup is something fluid. Additionally, he explained that he wants to give the music what it needs.

“If I want more stuff, I take more musicians,” he said, putting it simply. “I always said The Feeling of Love is an open project. Not a one-man-band. So it’s a natural process that we are three now. We’ll be probably more in the future. Or maybe I will play alone again.”

Earlier this year saw the release of “Dissolve Me,” The Feeling of Love’s third album, on Born Bad Records.

The songwriting, Marietta said, carries over a similar style from the first two albums, but he specified that the approach to recording is what sets this album apart.

“[It was] recorded in a real studio,” he said, adding that all three members contributed to all the songs. “That’s the real difference. And all the songs are coming from the same session. On our early records, you have…songs [that] were recorded at different periods. A kind of compilation.”

Yet while the recording of this album involved all three members, the songwriting is a mixture of Marietta writing on his own and with the others. He shared that the music always comes first, in order to provide a framework for the lyrics, and can be a solo or collaborative process. However, the words themselves are always a personal endeavor for him. And once a song is done, the band immediately tries it out.

“We are a classic live rock’n’roll band,” he said. “So when we write a song, we play it in a practice room, and after the very first time we can feel how it will translate on stage.”

But where many musicians are content with their music, or tend to think of each successive album as a step beyond the one before, Marietta has a somewhat different approach.

“I think our songs are medium,” he said, citing room for improvement. “I mean, we have to do better.”

That desire to not simply be satisfied is something which also figures into Marietta’s take on life in general, and creativity specifically.

“Usually I find inspiration in something I don’t understand,” he said. “Ideas come in the misunderstanding.”

The Feeling of Love has played Berlin three times prior to last night’s stop in town at White Trash Fast Food.

“Both the city and girls are beautiful,” Marietta said explaining what he likes about Berlin. “[Berlin is] something cold and very friendly at the same time. Quiet and wild.”

As to what love truly feels like, Marietta admitted he doesn’t have a clue.

“I don’t know. That’s the point. I want somebody [to explain it to] me,” he said. “In our last album, love is a flat, shiny surface. Odorless, tasteless. It is empty, without form. But you can project on it what you want, whenever you want. And change your mind if you want, as many times as you want.”

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